LA Based / Razor & Tie Music Publishing

"I feel that my experience as an artist and a performer helps me stand in the shoes of other artists - I can relate to what they do.  This really comes in handy when I'm writing a song for someone else.  It works even better when I'm in the room with the artist - there's an understanding, a bond, a vibe, that together, we're trying to express what they're feeling into a killer song."

As a versatile songwriter, producer and guitarist, Stevie has written for releases with artists including Cheyenne Jackson, We Are The In Crowd, Downplay, Monty Are I & more.  His work has also been featured in brand programming and content spots with WWE, REEBOK and THQ.

Stevie has also worked with the likes of Ben Lovett (Mumford and Sons) Cheyenne Jackson (Glee, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm), Lana Del Rey, Junkie XL, Alex Suarez (Cobra Starship), Every Avenue, It Boys, Mechanical Kids, The Knocks, Halatrax, Nate Campany, Adam Pallin, Lucas Banker, Leah Mason, and more.

In a short time, Stevie has made the transition from the stage to the studio with intent on expanding his craft and making a timeless contribution to the music world. As an artist, Aiello fronted the Island/Def Jam rock band Monty Are I.  Signed by then IDJ A&R Rob Stevenson, Stevie had the opportunity to work with producers and writers Don Gilmore, Matt Squire, Mitch Allan, Elvis Baskette and more on an artist level.  He's now able to channel those experiences from another position.

Stevie defines his thoughts on his place amongst the current musical landscape,"Creatively, I'd don't want to be boxed in.  I look up to guys like David Foster and Quincy Jones - they have laid the groundwork and set the bar for what I want to achieve. My goal is to challenge myself to create greatness across a variety of genres - from Metallica to Josh Groban, from Natalie Cole to Radiohead, from Dierks Bentley to Daft Punk, and everything in between."