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In celebration of its 10th anniversary, MGMT have announce a vinyl reissue of their classic Time to Pretend EP.  According to their Facebook post, all six tracks “have been carefully and fancily re-mastered to further enhance and amplify the antiqued crevices of the post-collegiate bright-eyed doe-eyed golden glory that is the 2005 Time To Pretend EP.”

The EP will be available on Record Store Day, November 27th. Follow MGMT on Twitter for continued updates.

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To give you a bit of perspective as to what was happening in our lives during late Spring/early Summer of 2014, we had gone from playing an unnamed private university in central New York (see below) and a crowd that hated us to opening for The Killers and a crowd that only kind of hated us in a matter of about a week.

Joywave has released part two of their blog for Huffington Post, “Why Be Credible When You Can Be Incredible?”. This post chronicles the technical and emotional forces behind the album’s second track, “Carry Me”. Check out the post below:


You can support Joywave’s new album, “How Do You Feel Now?”, on their website.

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Photo by Josh Spiro Photography

Photo by Josh Spiro Photography

Last Friday at Brighton Music Hall, Fenway Recordings achieved a milestone: its 300th Sessions Show. Fenway artist The Cribs detoured from the UK to join Boston fans at Brighton Music Hall. The band has been touring in support of their recent release, For All My Sisters.

Check out concert photos by Josh Spiro on the Fenway Recordings Facebook. Also support The Cribs’ recent release below:


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Joywave have remixed a new song by Mikaela Davis, Rochester native and harpist featured on How Do You Feel Now?. “When the White Horse Takes Me Away”, originally a harp-driven, acoustic jam, has been electrified, laden with synths, and transformed into a danceable disco single.

Mikaela Davis is now touring to support her recent album and EP. Support her tour and music below:


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Image by Tox Oxman/NME

Image by Tox Oxman/NME


It’s what got us through and we’ve definitely have had a bit of a roller coaster of a time with it at times. I think that having each other is one of the things that makes us dogged and diligent and has kept us solid like that.

Gary Jarman has done an interview with Vanyaland in preparation for The Cribs’s show at Brighton Music Hall this evening. In the interview, Jarman opens up about playing in an abandoned mill, why family bands don’t succeed, and what it was like to record with The Cars’ Ric Ocasek.

Read more at Vanyaland and purchase tickets for tonight’s show below:



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Image by Chicago Now

And for every person in that room that was a true Cribs fan, you were in that place, and you felt ten…even if it was on a Wednesday night.

Mandie Molina of Chicago Now has shared a glowing live review of The Cribs. Despite the fact that Wednesday night was a little busy for live music, Molina asserts that everyone in the audience was “there because they truly loved the band”.

Check out the review below:


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